Lion Alcolmeter® SD-400

The Lion Alcolmeter® SD-400 provides fast, accurate, fully quantitative breath alcohol analysis along with a range of readily available options.

This Australian Standard (AS3547:2019) approved instrument uses, is extremely robust, simple-to-use and ideally suited for alcohol breath testing in law enforcement, medical/healthcare, workplace health & safety and industrial environments.

This automatic instrument is ready for use within 10 seconds of switch on, provides an easy to read response within 5 seconds and re-sets ‘ready’ to take the next breath alcohol sample in as little as 10 seconds.

As a data-logging instrument the internal memory ensures that last test re-call is readily available as well as providing the capability of exporting all sample data along with the respective date and time for external use.

Powered by 5 x AA alkaline batteries, the SD-400 breathalyser will provide at least 2500 breath tests per set of batteries.

The SD-400 can be programmed to provide quantitative results through the use of either a single-use, hygienically sealed mouthpiece tube or passive “talk-into” testing via a reusable sampling cup for fast, low cost, non-invasive sampling process. This instrument is fully configurable and will allow “Pass/Fail” results if required.

In accordance with the Australian Standard AS3547:1997 the Lion Alcolmeter® SD-400 is required to be recertified every six months to ensure accuracy. Lion Breathalysers Australia and our approved Calibration/Certification Agents are the only “manufacturer (Lion Laboratories Limited) authorised” calibration/recertification facilities within Australia/New Zealand/PNG and the South Pacific. To ensure your instruments are maintained to the highest possible standard and accuracy please call us to confirm authorisation of your intended service provider.

Click here to arrange a Calibration/Recertification online or simply call us on 1300 728 287.


Technical Specification


Instrument Dimensions

169mm x 80mm x 39mm


525g (including batteries)


AS3547:2019 & IP54 Approved

Sensor Type

Electrochemical Fuel Cell

Measuring range

0.000 to 0.400 g/210L 

Operating temperature range

-10°C to +45°C

Power Supply

5 x new AA cells give up to 2,500 breath tests

Calibration Adjustment

6 Months recertification period

Calibration Standard

Either a dry-gas or a breath alcohol liquid simulator

Operating Humidity Range

20 to 95%, non-condensing


Up to 3,000 rolling test records


12 months, parts and labour